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Ely the River Dog

Ely the River DogEly is the official dog and mascot of the Helfrich River Crew. After her first trip down the Middle Fork at the tender age of three months old, in 2011, Ely was welcomed into the Helfrich Crew.  Her friendly demeanor combined with her good manors makes her the perfect river dog.  Not a big fan of swimming, Ely still loves being in the boat and lounging in the shallow water along the banks.  Many of our guests know Ely as the "shadow chaser" due to her extreme fascination with following people's shadows around and trying to dig up shadows from the ground.  Hours of entertainment have been enjoyed simply watching this funny little dog attack shadows on the ground.  Her spunk and loving personality will make you fall in love with her fast.  

Ely is a pure bread boarder collie and belongs to guides Kelsey Helfrich and Kidd Youren.  We hope that Ely brings lots of joy and fun to your river vacation.  She is 
usually present on any river trips where Kelsey is guiding with the exception of the Rogue River fall lodging trips due to the lodges.

Fun story about Ely: When Ely joined the Helfrich Crew she has been living on a ranch with Kidd's family in Sweet Idaho with her best friend Sticks the Deer.  Sticks was a rescued deer whose mother was killed.  Kidd's brother Harry was working cows one day when he found Sticks.  After the fawn refused to leave his side, Harry pick Sticks up and packed him on his horse and brought him home.  Ely and Sticks were both very young and instantly bonded.  Drinking out of the same bottle, cuddling up together and night and frolicking during the days, those two were inseparable.  

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