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River Cuisine

Spinach Salads
At Helfrich River Outfitters we pride ourselves on the superb food we serve on all of our 
Buttermilk biscuits in the Dutch Oven!trips. Our goal is to useonly fresh, top quality ingredients to prepare amazing meals; complete with fresh produce and a wide variety of mouth-watering options.

All meals are prepared fresh on the river. Breads such as buttermilk biscuits, yeast bread or corn bread are made from scratch and baked with hot coals in our Dutch ovens right before your eyes.  Our top quality meats and fish are cooked to perfection and your specifications over open flame and hot coals.  For each meal we attempt to provide a variety of options for our guests to choose from.  

All meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner- are served with several delicious healthy options.  Many of our dinners are served with two entrées in order to satisfy all palates and ensure no one ever goes hungry.  Meals are composed of the main entrees, complimenting side dishes of 
BBQ French Pork Chops
gourmet salads, breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables; and accompanied by appetizers and desserts. 

Saute Scallops
Wide selections of drinks are available throughout the day; on and off the boat.  Coffee is on early, allowing the early risers plenty of time to enjoy a cup around the campfire in the morning. Tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and fresh juice are also available in the mornings. During the day, each boat has its own drink cooler filled with a variety f beverage choices.  A drink table is set up each night with cocktail ice, water, juice and a fully stocked beer and soda pop cooler.

Our guides all enjoy cooking; some are even professionals in the culinary arts. They have all been trained in outdoor cooking skills and hold food safety certifications.  Please contact us regarding special dietary issues and requests.